“Thank you very much for the professional way in which you presented our mindfulness sessions on Thursday and Friday.It was clear that you were very well prepared and your execution was faultless. Most importantly you radiated warmth, kindness and compassion – the kind of reception that we all needed desperately.
Thank you so very much for your special attention to me in particular. It felt like you were holding up my arms!
I appreciate your open heart!”

Pippa Louw – University of Stellenbosch : Centre for Student Counselling and Development (CSCD)

“As a team we found Mandy to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable in her practice. She was always positive and at the same time realistic in her approach and coaching of us as ‘newcomers’ to mindfulness. Mandy offered encouragement, without judgment. We found the outline well suited to our organization: As a team we felt it helped in stress reduction, had a calming effect and improved focus. The main objectives achieved were coming back to the present, being grounded and responding – as opposed to reacting. NLP would highly recommend the MBCR Programme to all corporates regardless of the organisation’s size.”

Nordic Light Properties

“Craig has been involved in our business for the past 4 years. He started off as an executive coach for myself and then became coach to most of my direct reports. He was  also used in a team context on a number of occasions in our business units around the country. This includes new leader integration, solving culture and trust  issues within team amongst others.

Craig has a depth and knowledge level that makes conversation interesting and engaging. He has the ability to identify and has an answer or recommendation for the most complex of issues. His recommendations to me were spot on and helped me to raise the bar on leadership and decision making. My entire team is now on the highest levels for awareness, leadership and business performance and Craig played a material role to get there. In my opinion he must be one of the top coaches in South Africa.

The sessions are engaging, very open, challenging and enjoyable if you are willing to open up. I have recommended Craig recently on an informal basis and I am getting good feedback from the CEO. If you want to grow your awareness or reconnect to your career passions of business ideals or look for a trusted sound board, I cannot recommend anyone but Craig.”

Conrad Rademeyer -Managing Director, Paarl Coldset (Pty) Ltd

“I feel refreshed and hopeful after today’s session, knowing that I am able to better connect with myself and others.”

“I enjoyed the combined lightheartedness and seriousness with which mindfulness was presented and portrayed.”

“Very rewarding and a huge contribution to raising my awareness. What worked was the simple but powerful exercises I can do to stay present. Excellent facilitator.”

“Todays session was amazing. I learnt and gained so much. I feel like there is hope coming here. I did not have the confidence to speak in public but after today I am so calm and confident enough to interact with people. My senses have been so neglected but from today I will use each one of them. Thank you very much.”

Delegates attending the 2-hour Introduction to Mindfulness Sessions

“I have learnt to be patient with myself and to slow down, especially in my thoughts.”

“I have learnt to take the time and spend it just sitting quietly with my breath and to listen to what’s around me which helps with stressful situations.”

“I am kinder to myself and look at a situation with an open mind.”

“It has taught me to become calmer and handle situations differently.”

“I am able to identify my emotions and observe them.”

“I am more in tune with my surroundings and the people around me.”

“I speak up and no longer suppress anything, and am more self-contented and attentive towards my kids.”

Delegates attending the Mindful Corporate Resilience Programme at BOO Media.