The Mindful Company programme comprises 5 core mindfulness based approaches.

These approaches are offered following a determination of the organizational needs. We also offer various assessment tools to support measurability of the programmes.

Participants will develop mindfulness competencies through the opportunity to practice these competencies in their current work and life contexts.

All modules are interactive, experiential and participant driven and offer a dynamic balance between theory and practice.



Mindfulness-Based EQ Training (MBEQ)

Mindfulness practices provide the royal road to cultivating self-awareness. From this footing EQ is developed. There is convincing evidence to demonstrate the importance of EQ in enhancing organizational success. Emotional intelligence plays a key role in ensuring both long term and moment­to‐moment effectiveness of organizations.

Mindfulness-Based Resilience Training (MBRT)

The focus is on stress management, health and building capacity to manage complexity, as well as high demand environments.

Mindfulness-Based Communication (MBCom)

A foundation is set for how participants can communicate more skilfully and non-violently in the workplace.

Mindfulness-Based Coaching (MBC)

This coaching supports the integration and development of Mindfulness into the specific contexts of each individual, hence offering continuity and sustainability to any workplace. Coaching programmes are customized taking into account the individual and organizational needs through one‐on-one or team coaching interventions.

Mindfulness-Based Leadership Training (MBLT)

The focus is on key leadership competencies and styles.


Note: Training Modules are customised to meet organizational time frames as follows:

Introductory Sessions  

A one- or two-hour introduction to Mindfulness that dispels myths, explains the science, and gives participants a taste of the practice. Such sessions can be taught for groups from one to a hundred participants.

Workshops (Half-Day or Full-Day)  

Workshops provide an opportunity to learn more about the science and application of Mindfulness. This allows participants to experience the practice in more depth and is good for teambuilding, enhancing skills, and helping participants understand the value of time out as opposed to perpetual time in. A downloadable MP3 is provided to encourage daily practice.

Programmes (4 / 6 / or 8 weeks)  

These trainings are adapted to the needs of your company. Sessions conducted over a longer time frame allow participants to embed and explore the practices from week to week. Individuals attend once a week in sessions that last from 45 minutes to 1.5 hours, each participant receiving an MP3 as well as weekly instruction and reminders to enhance their skills and awareness.

Mindfulness Retreats (2–4 Days)  

Retreats afford a deeper immersion into experiential practice, which is valuable for teams and leaders.