Mindfulness Based Coaching


Coaching supports the integration and development of mindfulness into the specific contexts of each individual, hence offering continuity and sustainability to any workplace. Coaching programmes are customized taking into account the individual and organisational needs through one‐on-one or team coaching interventions. Mindfulness Based Coaching will create a unique opportunity for individuals in organisations to learn about themselves and the way in which they behave in their work, community and family contexts with the express purpose of enabling increased awareness, improved decision-making and ultimately better leadership skills.

Coaching will take place in an intensive one-on-one relationship.

At times the coaching process is supported through the use of assessments, surveys, and/or the involvement of others.

Coaching will create an opportunity for the Coachee to learn through observation in previously unthought-of ways; to reflect with new perspectives and to practice different ways of behaving in and experiencing the environment. It will also afford the Coachee a process of understanding past and current ways of operating and of being in the world.

The Client is aware that the coaching relationship is not psychological counselling or any kind of therapy. Coaching does not treat illness or pathology. The coaching relationship is designed and defined by each respective Coachee and the Coach, and the relationship is based on the expressed goals, interests and objectives of that Coachee.