Welcome to the Mindful Company

We’re living in relentless times. As life and work increase in complexity we race from task to task, seemingly on autopilot. Mindfulness is a powerful counterbalance. It’s an acquired competency that imbues individuals and organizations with greater self-awareness. Like the ancient art of origami, the valuable skill of Mindfulness helps focus attention one fold or step at a time, leading to greater effectiveness, efficiency and productivity.

Welcome to The Mindful Company. May your aspirations unfold with intention. We show you how to focus on the “folds” by fostering a new paradigm for personal and professional well-being to ignite innate wisdom while cultivating resilience, innovation and creativity in the modern workplace.

  • Boost staff morale & customer empathy
  • Reduce absenteeism while managing stress & burnout
  • Improve decision-making skills
  • Optimise leadership competency
  • Enhance your capacity to manage complexity

calm out of chaos

The face of business is evolving at an ever-increasing pace as we are bombarded by media, technology and the need for progressively complex levels of skills. More and more employees are physically present at work, yet not fully “present” or focused – costing organizational time, money and reputation.

As pressure and stress mounts, increasing demands placed on individuals to perform optimally become unsustainable. Employees are often distressed, disconnected, frustrated and simply waiting for the weekend. The constant focus on growing the business, meeting deadlines and finishing the deal, leaves many burnt out, restless and agitated.


The Mindful Company provides tools to reverse the insidious advance of workplace burnout – one of the main global concerns in 2014 voiced on media front covers from le Monde to The Economist and Time magazine. When we learn to stop and notice what is happening, we are able to recognise our innate intelligence and bring that awareness to some of the challenges we are facing, both locally and worldwide.

Mindfulness isn’t difficult to learn. It simply requires us to suspend scepticism and consciously decide to incorporate this way of being as integral in our life. We can take inspiration from the CEO of an international healthcare organization who has adopted Mindfulness practices in his leadership approach:

“Unless I can bring myself in that [chaotic] environment in a steady and mindful way, be present in the moment, at every opportunity, I can’t help the people around me and lead them.”    – Aetna CEO, Mark T. Bertolini

our mindset

“Just as birds fly in perfect formation, no matter the weather patterns, so too does Mindfulness practice offer us a way to pull together and to manage the internal and external storms with greater flexibility.”

Like an origami artwork, Mindfulness takes time, care and discipline to develop. And if we remain committed to training, this capacity adds a new dimension to the workplace and is readily available to us moment by moment.

Our approach places emphasis on leading or working from the inside out, from a more authentic and human place, to arrive at a destination that our delegates have labelled as a place of greater clarity, courage, wisdom, compassion and resilience.

Empowering you to tap into your resources

The Mindful Company’s customised training is empirically based – grounded in science, yet delivered with heart. We are dedicated to delivering integral and ethically-based Mindfulness principles into corporate and organizational culture by igniting Inner Resources Development (IRD).

Our organizational programmes optimise renewal through incorporating Mindfulness processes and principles which improve emotional intelligence (EQ), develop coherent communication, boost organizational climate and well-being, while enhancing cognitive and emotional flexibility.