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Welcome to The Mindful Company. May your aspirations unfold with intention. We show you how to focus on the “folds” by fostering a new paradigm for personal and professional well-being to ignite innate wisdom while cultivating resilience, innovation and creativity in the modern workplace.    Read More >>


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Current neuro-scientific research into Mindfulness has identified that the brain is more plastic than previously imagined. This is referred to as neuroplasticity. It is the biological basis for personal transformation..Read More »



“As a team we found Mandy to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable in her practice. She was always positive and at the same time realistic in her approach and coaching of us as ‘newcomers’ to mindfulness. Mandy offered encouragement, without judgment. We found the outline well suited to our organization: As a team we felt it helped in stress reduction, had a calming effect and improved focus. The main objectives achieved were coming back to the present, being grounded and responding – as opposed to reacting. NLP would highly recommend the MBCR Programme to all corporates regardless of the organisation’s size.”

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Five core Mindfulness-based approaches inform The Mindful Company. We offer a combination of these approaches on determination of organisational needs. Various assessment tools are used to support the measurability of outcomes.